It’s been a busy old Summer and we’re finally getting to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We had our very first happening in the new Orangery!

Precinct was a a 'one off' reading group exploring urban matrixes and rural existence lead by artist and researcher Gwen Dupré and based on her current research project on the human interaction and exchange with natural and urban environments. Participants worked through texts from various genres; with extracts from Octavia E. Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin and Alasdair Gray as well as non-fiction sources and pop culture references. The participants took home a zine-style booklet which discussed themes of chaos and control in the city and means of escape. The session encouraged reflection on what it means to be a ‘citizen’ and to ‘belong’.

“A wonderful, well structured opportunity to read and discuss and meet minds on themes of place and walking (Urban and Rural), Thank you!”