Christmas Fair 2018

We were blown away this year by the support that was shown by those attending and exhibiting at the year’s fair. We were able to extend the fair out into the garden giving rise to a pizza stand and a pop up card workshop with Bill Barlow. Thanks to all that came and enjoyed the vibe.


It’s been a busy old Summer and we’re finally getting to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We had our very first happening in the new Orangery!

Precinct was a a 'one off' reading group exploring urban matrixes and rural existence lead by artist and researcher Gwen Dupré and based on her current research project on the human interaction and exchange with natural and urban environments. Participants worked through texts from various genres; with extracts from Octavia E. Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin and Alasdair Gray as well as non-fiction sources and pop culture references. The participants took home a zine-style booklet which discussed themes of chaos and control in the city and means of escape. The session encouraged reflection on what it means to be a ‘citizen’ and to ‘belong’.

“A wonderful, well structured opportunity to read and discuss and meet minds on themes of place and walking (Urban and Rural), Thank you!”

Anna and Elizabeth come to Palnackie

With support from Benjamin Lazar Davis

Anna & Elizabeth brought their incredible new Album, 'The Invisible Comes to Us', as well as their famous 'Cranky' to the gallery for a spectacluar show of imagination-fueled arsenal presenting an extraordinary work of unique, genre-bending storytelling and sonic exploration.  Co-producer Benjamin Lazar Davis (Cuddle Magic) assisted in the duo’s vision of breathing life and new perspective into the crackling and disintegrating recordings and artifacts of the past.

Now stocking books from Independant Publishers

This year we are proud and excited to be stocking books from some of the best new Independant Publishers currently working in the UK. Little Isand Press is an independant publisher based in Stroud, publishing fiction, poetry and essays, and after only a couple of years producing books they are already winners of the British Book Design & Production Award 2017.

Also, Litte Island Press has a NEW magazine - 'EGRESS, New Openings in Literary Art', a magazine published twice a year, bursting with new writings from contemporary authors.

Atlantic Press, based in Cornwall is a publisher 'creating works of graphic literture which respect the illustrator's personal voice: their ideas, their picture and their words.'

Guillemot Press, also based in Cornwall, is a new small independent publisher with a preference for the simple, thoughtful and beautiful.

Little Toller Books was born in 2008 as an imprint of the Dovecote Press, a family-run publishing company that has specialised in books about rural life and local history since 1974. Little Toller was started with a singular purpose: to revive forgotten and classic books about nature and rural life in the British Isles.

Christmas Fair 2017

Another year come and gone, our Christmas Fair, which grows with the passing of every year, once again warmed our souls just in time for hibernation untill the new year, and what a new year it promises to be!!!

Roots of Galloway Dinner

Deep in November, Jools Cox and her dedicated entourage, held a charity dinner of the theme ‘Roots of Galloway’, in aid of The Halo Trust and Care International

The inspiration for the evening coming from local artist, Neil, and his moving army of bare roots, sanded, oiled and hanging from every knook and cranny. A truely original, gormet seven course dinner, all based around the theme Roots, was served by an array of wondland creatures and serenaded by piano and violin.

An extraorindary affair, one which not only left all it touched aghast with the splendor of it all, but also raised a healthy £1600!

A delightful evening of Brahms in the gallery.

Last night, we felt very honoured to have been given the chance to host these three outstanding performers who treated us to an evening of both Brahms and a selection of pieces from other composers. Solos and duets, an interval of wine and canapes, followed by the trio all playing some particularly moving Brahms. Many many thanks to the musicians and to the wonderful audience.

'Edgelines' Live Concert of Painting and Inspired Music.

Last Saturday eve, after a long Spring Fling day, a delightful audience were transported into another realm of sound and visual art. Toby Hay, Douglas McGregor, Neil Heppleston, Jim Ghedi and Keith How sent waves of inspiration and creativity out into the Gallery, who knows where it will ripple out to .

Candle Lit Exhibition

Paintings and sculpture by the light of candle wake us gently from our winter's hibernation.

On the 11th of March, the gallery opened it's doors after 3 months of hibernation to host a delightfully warming evening of candles, art and good people, just in time to chase the biting gloom of winter away and allowing for the new shoots of spring. We had such an incredibly heart warming reception and to be able to share the gallery in such magical lighting with so many inspirational people really helped to ignite our fire for the upcoming year.