Edward C Campbell

This is a selection of Edward's most current work, to find our more about his work and past works visit his website...www.edward-campbell.com

Prints of all Edward's work are available on request, or have a look at our online shop to find many works already in print. 

Beyond the Reekie Linn - Oil on Board 2017

Beyond the Reekie Linn - Oil on Board 2017

First Light of Sunrise -  Ink and Pastel on Paper 2015

Galloway Pines - Oil on Canvas 2017

River of Mist - Oil on Board 2015

Silences of a Late Hour - Ink on Paper 2017

Where Sky Meets Mountain - Monoprint 2017

Dawn of Bright Light - Oil on Canvas 2017

Aurora - Monoprint 2016

Moss and Stones - Watercolour and Pastel 2017

Sunrise in Tornat Wood - Oil on Board 2015

The Fairy Glen - Acrylic on Canvas 2008

Untitled - Watercolour and Pastel 2017

Lavender Fields - Acrylic on Board 2012

Sea of Sunflowers - Acrylic on Canvas 2011

Moonlight Melodies - Acrylic on Board 2013


Umbrella Man - Acyrlic on Canvas 2005

Dry Grass and Shadows - Mixed Media on Board 2013

Pebbles of Summer - Oil on Canvas 2007

Dusk Over Dragon Hill - Oil on Board 2014

Galloway Plateau - Ink on Paper 2017

Galloway Plateau - Ink on Paper 2017